Top things to do in Eastern Shore

Steak in Eastern Shore


This homey meat restaurant – the name is a contraction of 'moshav' and 'kibbutz' – is renowned for its fabulous Golan-raised steaks, juicy burgers and creative salads as well as starters such as grilled aubergine in…
Archaeological Site in Eastern Shore

Kursi National Park

Mentioned in the Talmud as a place of idol worship, this Gentile fishing village – discovered by chance in the early 1970s – is where Jesus is believed to have cast a contingent of demon spirits out of two men and i…
National Park in Eastern Shore

Majrase Nature Reserve

Located in the northeastern corner of the Sea of Galilee, the spring-fed streams and jungle-like wetlands of this reserve are ideal for a refreshing ‘water hike’. The wet circuit (there’s also a 20-minute dry one) t…