Top Choice Historic Site in Akko

Knights Halls

Step into the towering, stone-vaulted Knight's Halls, built 800 years ago by the Hospitallers (a monastic military order), and it's not hard to envision the medieval knights who once lived here. Marco Polo, on his w…
Museum in Akko

Acre Underground Prisoners Museum

Dedicated to Jewish armed resistance during the British Mandate, this museum occupies a massive structure built by the Turks in the late 18th century on 13th-century Crusader foundations and used as a prison by both…
Visitor Centre in Akko

Visitor Centre

Facing a shady park, the Visitor Centre is the best place to begin a visit to Akko's Crusader sites. Staff can help you plan your tour of the city, sell you an indispensable map (3NIS), show you a scale model of the…
Mosque in Akko

Al-Jazzar Mosque

Topped by a large green dome and accented by a slender pencil minaret, Al-Jazzar Mosque was built in 1781 in typical Ottoman Turkish style – with some local improvisation: the columns in the courtyard, for example, …
Gardens in Akko

Baha’i Gardens

These lovely formal gardens, with their meticulously tended flower beds and fountains, are similar in style to Haifa's magnificent Baha’i Gardens.
Shrine in Akko

Shrine of Baha'ullah

At the far end of the Baha’i Gardens is the Shrine of Baha'ullah, his final resting place. Bahji House, where he lived from 1879 to 1892, is open only to Baha'i pilgrims. For both men and women, knees and shoulders …
Museum in Akko

Hammam al-Pasha

Built in 1780 by Al-Jazzar and in use until the 1940s, the richly ornamented marble and tile chambers now play host to a 30-minute multimedia show titled ‘The Story of the Last Bath Attendant’ (available in eight la…
Market in Akko


Fresh hummus is boiled in giant vats, while nearby fresh-caught fish flop off the tables. As carts trundle past, children shuck corn and vendors hawk fresh fruit, all to a soundtrack of Arabic music.
Museum in Akko

Okashi Art Museum

Devoted to the works of Avshalom Okashi (1916–80), an influential Israeli painter who lived in Akko for the last half of his life. Also puts on exhibitions of contemporary art.
Religious Site in Akko

Baha'i Holy Site

Also known as Abud House, this is where Baha'ullah wrote the Baha'i book of laws in the 1870s. It is closed to the public.