Top Choice Food in Nazareth


The otherworldly aroma inside this spice emporium, run by the same family for four generations, has to be inhaled to be believed. Shelves, sacks, bins and bottles display more than 2500 products, from exotic spice m…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Jerusalem

Fair Trade Women Cooperative

Operated by the Arab Orthodox Society (, a longstanding charitable organisation based in Jerusalem, this shop sells embroidered clothing, bags, purses and pillows made at the Melia Art an…
Top Choice Antiques in Jerusalem

Alan Baidun

It would be an understatement to say that little of the merchandise sold in the Old City's souvenir and craft shops is of high quality. Thank goodness, then, for Alan Baidun's store, which sells absolutely exquisite…
Mall in Tel Aviv

Sarona Centre

Set in lush green surrounds, the Sarona Centre includes offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, fashion and lifestyle stores, art galleries, and a visitor centre where the Sarona colony's fascinating history is told.
Food & Drinks in Jerusalem

Halva Kingdom

Watch the large round stone grinding sesame into a paste at the city's best-known tahina shop before buying a tub (25NIS) to take home.
Arts & Crafts in Jerusalem


This not-for-profit outfit empowers Palestinian artisans by promoting and selling traditional handicrafts including embroidery, basketry, weaving, carving and olive-oil soap. It runs two shops in Jerusalem, one of w…
Books in Tel Aviv

Bauhaus Centre

This design store sells architecture-related books and city plans, including a 1:6000 preservation map and guide to Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It also has two Bauhaus walking-tour offerings (each 60NIS per person): hire of an …
Cosmetics in Mitzpe Ramon

Faran Natural Cosmetics

The soaps, shampoos and skincare products sold at this factory store are made using plant oils and other extracts, and the relatively new line of 100% natural and organic mineral makeup was inspired by the richly co…
Cosmetics in Tel Aviv

Zielinski & Rozen

Planters filled with sweetly scented jasmine adorn the front of this chic perfumerie, which has the appearance and feel of an old-fashioned apothecary's shop. Bottles of perfume, hand wash, room scent and body wash …