Top Choice Archaeological Site in Beit She’an

Beit She’an National Park

Beit She’an’s extraordinary Roman ruins are the best place in Israel to get a sense of what it was like to live, work and shop in the Roman Empire. Colonnaded streets, a 7000-seat theatre that looks much as it did 1…
Top Choice Theatre in Jenin

Freedom Theatre

This world-renowned theatre group has persevered in the face of difficult circumstances since it was founded in 2006. Its founder, Juliano Mar Khamis, was assassinated in 2011 by masked gunners outside the theatre b…
in Latrun

Latrun Armored Corps Museum

Given the fact that Israel has been in almost constant armed conflict since its birth, it’s not surprising to learn that the Latrun Armored Corps Museum is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The main build…
Amusement Park in Latrun

Mini Israel

Latrun’s newest attraction, Mini Israel, is designed to make you feel like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. A theme park of sorts, Mini Israel shrinks 350 of Israel’s famed attractions down to scale-model size. The…
National Park in Herzliyya

Apollonia National Park

This picturesque coastal park contains the ruins of a Crusader castle that becomes the venue for open-air concerts during summer weekends. There are some stunning views out over the Mediterranean and nearby you can …
Gallery in Herzliyya

Herzliya Museum of Modern Art

Dedicated to Israeli and international contemporary art with an emphasis on political subject matter, this gallery aims to engage as well as entertain.
Museum in Around Tel Aviv

Design Museum Holon

Ron Arad's elongated and extremely elegant swirl of red concrete and steel is one of Greater Tel Aviv's most striking examples of contemporary architecture. Inside, the museum includes two spaces that house regularl…
Museum in Around Tel Aviv

Clore Garden of Science

Archaeological Site in Caesarea

Caesarea National Park

Caesarea National Park has two entrances: the northern (Crusader gate) entrance, which takes you through the Crusader ramparts to the harbour and its restaurants; and, 600m to the south, the southern (Roman Theatre)…
Museum in Caesarea

Kibbutz Sdot Yam Antiquities Museum

Relics of ancient Caesarea, including some discovered offshore, are displayed in this three-room archaeological museum. It's inside Kibbutz Sdot Yam, whose main entrance is a few hundred metres east of the park's so…