Uri Buri

Top choice seafood in Akko

Dining at Uri Buri is enough of a reason to place Akko on your travel itinerary. Lovers of seafood will quickly understand why chef Uri is so legendary. Start with wafer-thin salmon sashimi freshened by wasabi sorbet, followed by huge prawns and artichoke swirled into buttery, black-rice noodles, or sea bass simmered in coconut milk and apple.

Gourmands will be delighted to find that the restaurant encourages the ordering of two half portions, rather than a single main course (and they're sizeable, too).

Staff, who genuinely adore the menu, are happy to prepare dishes that cater to vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free or other dietary requirements. It's a good idea to call ahead, especially on Friday and Saturday; your best chance of an impromptu visit is on weekday lunch times.