Waterfall in Enniskerry & Powerscourt Estate

Powerscourt Waterfall

A 7km walk from Powerscourt House through the estate takes you to the 130m Powerscourt Waterfall. It’s the highest waterfall in Britain and Ireland, and is most impressive after heavy rain. You can also get to the f…
Museum in Enniskerry & Powerscourt Estate

Museum of Childhood

This is a collection of period miniatures and doll's houses, including the palatial, 22-room Tara's Palace, designed to one-twelfth scale and inspired by the Palladian piles of Castletown House, Leinster House and C…
Tower in Glendalough

Round Tower

The graveyard, which is still in use, lies beyond the monastery gatehouse. The 10th-century Round Tower here is 33m tall and 16m in circumference at the base. The upper storeys and conical roof were reconstructed in…
Architecture in Glendalough

Priest's House

At the centre of Glendalough's graveyard, to the south of the round tower, is the Priest's House. This odd building dates from 1170 but has been heavily reconstructed. It may have been the location of shrines of St …
Monument in Glendalough

St Kevin's Bed

Just east of Teampall na Skellig, and 10m above the lake's waters, is the 2m-deep artificial cave called St Kevin's Bed, said to be where Kevin lived. The earliest human habitation of the cave was long before St Kev…
Monument in Glendalough

Deer Stone

At the junction with Green Rd as you cross the river just south of these two churches is the Deer Stone in the middle of a group of rocks. Legend claims that, when St Kevin needed milk for two orphaned babies, a doe…
Religious Site in Glendalough

St Mary's Church

The 10th-century St Mary's Church, 140m southwest of the round tower, probably originally stood outside the walls of the monastery and belonged to local nuns. It has a lovely western doorway.
Religious Site in Glendalough

St Kevin's Cell

Climb the steps at the back of the Reefert Churchyard and follow the path to the west and you'll find, at the top of a rise overlooking the lake, the scant remains of St Kevin's Cell, a small beehive hut.
Religious Site in Glendalough

Teampall na Skellig

The original site of St Kevin's settlement, Teampall na Skellig, is at the base of the cliffs towering over the southern side of the Upper Lake and accessible only by boat; unfortunately, there's no boat service to …
Religious Site in Glendalough

Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul

The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, just southeast of the Round Tower, has a 10th-century nave; the chancel and sacristy date from the 12th century.