Top things to do

Religious Site in Tory Island

Tau Cross

The 12th-century Tau Cross, an odd, T-shaped cruciform that suggests the possibility of seafaring exchanges with early Coptic Christians from Egypt, greets passengers disembarking from the ferry.
Tower in Tory Island

Round Tower

Not far from the Tau Cross, this 6th- or 7th-century round tower has a circumference of nearly 16m and a round-headed doorway high above the ground
Community Centre in Tory Island

Club Sóisialta Thórai

The island's social life revolves around this merry spot, which besides the hotel has the island's only other pub. It usually gets going from around 8pm but don't expect the real craic to start until much, much late…
Gallery in Tory Island

Dixon Gallery

The place to see Tory Island's famous 'naive art' plus other works.