South of Sligo Town attractions

Top Choice Archaeological Site in South of Sligo Town

Carrowkeel Megalithic Cemetery

With a bird's-eye view of the county from high in the Bricklieve Mountains, it's little wonder this hilltop site was sacred in prehistoric times. But for a few sheep, it's undeveloped and spectacular. Dotted with ar…
Cave in Ballymote

Caves of Keash

Around 6km outside Ballymote, these splendid limestone caves high up in the side of Keshcorran hill make for a fun expedition. You can park near the bottom of the fields at the foot of the mountain and climb on up. …
Castle in Ballymote

Ballymote Castle

Just down from Ballymote train station, the immense shell of Ballymote Castle is a classic, imposing ruin. It was from this early-14th-century redoubt, fronted by formidable drum towers, that O'Donnell marched to di…
Beach in Enniscrone

Enniscrone Beach

This gorgeous 5km stretch of sand is the real reason to visit Enniscrone, especially as the sun goes down. Cars can drive straight on to the beach; a lifeguard is normally on duty during the summer months.
Arts Centre in Ballymote

Coleman Irish Music Centre

This music centre hosts multimedia exhibits and workshops and performances. You can add to your music collection or pick up your own instruments and sheet music at the on-site shop too. It's 12km south of Ballymote …
Nature Centre in Ballymote

Eagles Flying

Eagles soar straight over your head at this volunteer-run research centre, so you can learn about these birds of prey during demonstrations; there's also a mini-zoo with ducks, donkeys and other cute critters. It's …
Castle in Easkey

Easkey Castle

This 63ft-high 12th-century tower near the water's edge is a ruined, though formidable, stronghold. The uppermost level is known as the Sailor's Bed.