Top Choice Historic Site in Slea Head

Gallarus Oratory

Gallarus Oratory is one of Ireland's most beautiful ancient buildings, its smoothly constructed dry-stone walls in the shape of an upturned boat. It has withstood the elements in this lonely spot beneath the brown h…
Top Choice Ruins in Slea Head

Reask Monastic Site

The remains of this 5th- or 6th-century monastic settlement are one of the peninsula's more evocative archaeological sites, with low stone walls among close-cropped turf and drifts of white daisies revealing the out…
Top Choice Ruins in Slea Head

Kilmalkedar Church

The Dingle Peninsula's most important Christian site, Kilmalkedar has a beautiful setting with sweeping views over Smerwick Harbour. Built in the 12th century on the site of a 7th-century monastery founded by St Mao…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Slea Head

Dunbeg Fort

The Iron Age Dunbeg (Irish: Dún Beag) fort is a dramatic example of a promontory fortification, perched atop a sheer sea cliff about 6km southwest of Ventry. The fort has four outer walls; inside are the remains of …
Island in Slea Head

Blasket Islands

The Blasket Islands (Na Blascaodaí), 5km out into the Atlantic, are Ireland's most westerly. At 6km by 1.2km, Great Blasket (An Blascaod Mór) is the largest and most visited. Day trippers come to explore the abandon…
Cultural Centre in Slea Head

Blasket Centre

This wonderful interpretative centre celebrates the rich cultural life of the now-abandoned Blasket Islands. It is housed in a striking modern building with a long, white hall ending in a picture window looking dire…
Museum in Slea Head

Celtic & Prehistoric Museum

This museum squeezes in an astonishing collection of Celtic and prehistoric artefacts, including the world's largest woolly mammoth skull and tusks, as well as a 40,000-year-old cave bear skeleton, Viking horse-bone…
Historic Site in Slea Head

Fahan Beehive Huts

Fahan once had some 48 drystone clochán beehive huts dating from AD 500, although the exact dates are unknown. Today five structures remain, including two that are fully intact. The huts are on the slope of Mt Eagle…
Museum in Slea Head

Dingle Peninsula Museum

Set in a 19th-century schoolhouse, this local museum has displays on the history, geology, archaeology and ecology of the peninsula. It's in the centre of the tiny village of Ballyferriter (Baile an Fheirtearaigh), …
Museum in Slea Head

Famine Cottage

The 1845-built Famine Cottage's furnishings, cooking utensils and farm animals evoke the hardship its occupants endured.