Top Choice Museum in Roscommon Town

Roscommon County Museum

Set in a former Presbyterian church (1863), this volunteer-run museum has an idiosyncratic collection, including an inscribed 9th-century slab from St Coman's monastery and a superb medieval sheila-na-gig fertility …
Ruins in Roscommon Town

Roscommon Castle

The impressive ruins of the town's Norman castle stand alone in a field to the north of town, beautifully framed by the landscaped lawns and small lake of the new town park. Built in 1269, the castle was almost imme…
Historic Building in Roscommon Town

Roscommon Dominican Priory

At the south end of town, the remains of a 13th-century priory are almost hidden behind a primary school. It merits a quick visit for its unusual 15th-century carving of eight gallóglí ('gallowglasses' or mercenary …