Top Choice Castle in Lismore

Lismore Castle Gardens

Although Lismore Castle itself is not open to the public, the 3 hectares of ornate and manicured gardens are well worth a visit. Thought to be the oldest landscaped gardens in Ireland, they are divided into the wall…
Cathedral in Lismore

St Carthage's Cathedral

'One of the neatest and prettiest edifices I have seen', commented William Thackeray in 1842 after visiting Lismore's 17th-century cathedral. And that was before the addition of the Edward Burne-Jones stained-glass …
Museum in Lismore

Lismore Heritage Centre

Features a 30-minute audiovisual presentation taking you from the arrival of St Carthage in AD 636 to the present day, via the discovery of the Book of Lismore behind a wall in the castle in 1814 and John F Kennedy'…