When calling Ireland from abroad, dial your international access code, followed by 353 and the area code (dropping the 0). Area codes in the Republic have three digits, eg 021 for Cork, 091 for Galway and 061 for Limerick. The only exception is Dublin, which has a two-digit code (01).

To make international calls from Ireland, first dial 00, then the country code, followed by the local area code and number. Always use the area code if calling from a mobile phone, but you don't need it if calling from a fixed-line number within the area code.

In Northern Ireland, the area code for all fixed-line numbers is 028, but you only need to use it if calling from a mobile phone or from outside Northern Ireland. To call Northern Ireland from the Republic, use 048 instead of 028, without the international dialling code.

RepublicNorthern Ireland
Country Code+353+44
International Access Code0000
Directory Enquiries11811/11850118 118/118 192
International Directory Enquiries11818

Mobile Phones

All European and Australasian phones work in Ireland and Northern Ireland; some North American (non-GSM) phones don't. Check with your provider. Prepaid SIM cards cost from €10.

More Information

  • Both the Republic and Northern Ireland use the GSM 900/1800 cellular phone system, which is compatible with European and Australian, but not North American or Japanese, phones.
  • SMS ('texting') is a national obsession – most people under 30 communicate mostly by text.
  • Pay-as-you-go mobile-phone packages with any of the main providers start at around €40 and usually include a basic handset and credit of around €10.
  • SIM-only packages are also available, but make sure your phone is compatible with the local provider.