In the shadow of Mt Nephin (806m), this charming little village is most famed for the 14 local people (the Addergoole Fourteen) aboard the RMS Titanic when it went down in 1912. Eleven of the 14 perished; their deaths are commemorated in one of the stained-glass windows of St Patrick's Church and in the Titanic Memorial Park.

Lahardane locals helped General Humbert in the 1798 Uprising and Father Andrew Conroy helped lead French and Irish forces along the Windy Gap to Castlebar. After the revolt was put down, Father Conroy was executed for his troubles and a marvellous high cross stands in commemoration of his bravery, near the Titanic Memorial Park, along the R315, with Mt Nephin in the background.

The Up-and-Over Challenge ( began in 2017, with runners climbing up Mt Nephin from Lahardane and returning to the village.