Top Choice Gardens in Kilrush

Vandeleur Walled Garden

Within a 170-hectare forest 800m south of the centre, this stunning 'lost' garden was the private domain of the wealthy Vandeleur family – merchants and landowners who engaged in harsh evictions and forced emigratio…
Island in Kilrush

Scattery Island

This uninhabited, windswept and treeless island in the estuary 3km southwest of Kilrush was the site of a Christian settlement founded by St Senan in the 6th century. Its 36m-high round tower, the best preserved in …
Museum in Kilrush

Shannon Dolphin & Wildlife Centre

The 170-plus bottlenose dolphins swimming out in the Shannon are monitored by this dedicated research facility. In addition to learning about its latest research, you can listen to acoustic recordings and watch a 20…
Church in Kilrush

St Senan's Church

St Senan’s Catholic church has a lovely rose window as well as four stained-glass windows by well-known early-20th-century artist Harry Clarke.