Top Choice Gardens in Kilrush

Vandeleur Walled Garden

This stunning 'lost' garden was the private domain of the wealthy Vandeleur family – merchants and landowners who engaged in harsh evictions and forced emigration of local people in the 19th century. The gardens lie…
Historic Site in Kilrush

Scattery Island Visitor Centre

A free exhibition on the history and wildlife of Scattery Island is housed in its visitor centre, housed in a restored cottage at the end of the pier. The centre also offers free 45-minute tours of St Senan's Monast…
Museum in Kilrush

Shannon Dolphin & Wildlife Centre

This research facility monitors the 100-plus bottlenose dolphins swimming out in the Shannon and houses exhibits on the playful cetaceans, a species unique to the area.
Church in Kilrush

St Senan's Church

St Senan’s Catholic church has a lovely rose window and contains eight detailed examples of stained glass by well-known early 20th-century artist Harry Clarke.
Waterfront in Kilrush


The western coast's biggest marina at Kilrush Creek in Kilrush.The western coast's biggest marina at Kilrush Creek in Kilrush.