Top Choice Cafe in Killaloe & Ballina

Wooden Spoon

In a narrow passage just up from the waterfront, this popular bakery and cafe offers up Med-flavoured fare in a colourful setting that brings a gentle splash of vibrancy to Bridge St. Expect pavlovas, flapjacks, tif…
Seafood in Killaloe & Ballina


Just beyond the church on Main St, this popular thatched pub (with peat fires) is noted for its big selection of fish. Sailors make mirth and plough into the hefty seafood platter in the restaurant or go for pub far…
Italian in Killaloe & Ballina

Tuscany Bistro Ballina

Small, smart and stylish, this Italian bistro has delicious and authentic fare. Amid the hearty soups, salads and pasta mains, you can also get pizzas or ponder a daily special and reasonable wine list.
Market in Killaloe & Ballina

Farmers Market