Top Choice Historic Site in Inishmore

Dun Aengus

Standing guard over Inishmore, Dun Aengus, 8km west of Kilronan, has three massive drystone walls that run right up to sheer drops to the ocean below. Believed to be up to 2000 years old, the fort is protected by re…
Natural Pool in Inishmore


Access to this extraordinary rectangular natural tidal pool is via a 750m clifftop walk southeast from Dun Aengus or a 1km signposted walking path from the hamlet of Gort na gCapall. Dubbed 'Serpent's Lair', the poo…
Ruins in Inishmore

Teampall Chiaráin

Located 1.5km northwest of Kilronan, this small church is believed to have been founded in the 12th century by St Kieran, who studied under St Enda and later went on to establish his own monastery on the mainland at…
Ruins in Inishmore

St Enda's Monastery

Near the airstrip are the sunken remains of a church; the spot is said to have been the site of St Enda's Monastery in the 5th century, though what's visible dates from the 8th century onwards. Enda, the Aran Island…
Historic Site in Inishmore

Na Seacht dTeampaill

The small early Christian ruins known rather inaccurately as the Na Seacht dTeampaill (Seven Churches) comprise just two ruined churches, along with monastic houses, fragments of a high cross from the 8th or 9th cen…
Historic Site in Inishmore

Dún Dúchathair

Dramatically perched on a clifftop promontory 2km southwest of Kilronan, this ruined ancient fort has terraced walls up to 6m high surrounding the remains of a clochán (early Christian beehive-shaped hut). Its name,…
Ruins in Inishmore

Teampall Bheanáin

Dating from the 11th century, tiny Teampall Bheanáin, 2.2km southeast of Kilronan, measures just 3m by 2.5m, and is thought to have been a hermitage. Unusually for a religious structure, it's oriented on a north–sou…
Historic Site in Inishmore

Dún Eochla

Atop the island's highest point, at 100m, historic fort Dún Eochla has a double ring of circular walls, and is thought to date from the late Iron Age. It's signposted 2.8km west of Kilronan.
Bay in Inishmore

Port Chorrúch

Along the island's low-lying northern coast, the sheltered little bay of Port Chorrúch is home to up to 80 grey seals, who sun themselves and feed in the shallows.
Historic Site in Inishmore

Dún Eoghanachta

Thought to date from the Iron Age, this single-ring circular fort 8.3km west of Kilronan is almost 30m in diameter and has 4m-high walls over 3m thick.