Top Choice Historic Site in Inishmór

Dún Aengus

Three spectacular prehistoric forts stand guard over Inishmór, each believed to be around 2000 years old. Chief among them is Dún Aengus, with three massive drystone walls that run right up to sheer drops to the oce…
Ruins in Inishmór

St Enda's Monastery

Near the airstrip are the sunken remains of a church; the spot is said to have been the site of St Enda's Monastery in the 5th century, though what's visible dates from the 8th century onwards.
Ruins in Inishmór

Teampall Chiaráin

The ruins of numerous stone churches identify the island's monastic history. This small church, with a high cross in the churchyard, is near Kilronan.
Fortress in Inishmór

Dún Eochla

Along the road between Kilronan and Dún Aengus is the smaller, perfectly circular fort, Dún Eochla, which makes for a good walk from the main road.
Fortress in Inishmór

Dún Dúchathair

This ancient fort (the Black Fort) is dramatically perched on a clifftop promontory southwest of Kilronan.
Ruins in Inishmór

Teampall Bheanáin

To the southeast, near Cill Éinne Bay, is this early-Christian church.
Fortress in Inishmór

Dún Eoghanachta

To the south of the Na Seacht dTeampaill ruins is this circular fort.