Top Choice Gardens in Glengarriff

Ilnacullin (Garinish Island)

This horticultural miracle of an island was created in the early 20th century when the island's owner commissioned architect Harold Peto to design a garden on the then-barren outcrop. Topsoil was shipped in, landsca…
Gardens in Glengarriff

Bamboo Park

Glengarriff's mild, frost-free climate allows this small 12-hectare park to flourish. It has a variety of exotic plants, including palm trees and tree ferns, as well as coastal woodland walks.
Gardens in Glengarriff

The Ewe Experience

More than 20 years in the making, this interactive sculpture garden has been designed to furrow brows, provoke smiles and, above all, fire the imagination. From the sheep in the vintage car to the pig blissing out i…
Ferry in Glengarriff

Harbour Queen Ferries

From the pier opposite the Eccles Hotel.
Nature Reserve in Glengarriff

Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve

The valley of the River Glengarriff, to the northwest of Glengarriff, was once the private estate of the Earl of Bantry. As such its ancient oak woodland has survived, the thick tree cover maintaining humid conditio…