Church in Fethard

Holy Trinity Church

Fethard's Holy Trinity Church and churchyard occupy a captivating time warp. The main part of the building dates from the 13th century, though its ancient walls have been blighted with mortar for weatherproofing. A …
Museum in Fethard

Horse Country Experience

Housed in Fethard's 17th-century Tholsel (town hall), this brand new museum traces the role of the horse in Irish history and culture, from military steeds and plough horses to horse racing and stud farms. Exhibits …
Historic Site in Fethard


On the way down to Watergate Bridge from Main St is a fine sheila-na-gig (a sexually explicit medieval depiction of a woman) embedded in the old town wall to your left. You can stroll along the river bank here, prov…
Church in Fethard

Augustinian Friary

On the eastern edge of the village stands a 14th-century Augustinian friary, now a Catholic church, with medieval stained-glass and an in-your-face sheila-na-gig in its east wall.