Museum in Enniscorthy

National 1798 Rebellion Centre

This exhibition does a fine job of explaining the background to one of Ireland's pivotal historical events. It covers the French and American revolutions, which helped spark Wexford's abortive uprising against Briti…
Castle in Enniscorthy

Enniscorthy Castle

This stout, four-towered keep was originally built by the Normans; like much else in these parts, it was surrendered to Cromwell in 1649. During the 1798 Rising, rebels used this castle as a prison, and from 1901 to…
Historic Site in Enniscorthy

Vinegar Hill

Scene of one of the most important battles of Ireland's 1798 rebellion against British rule, this hill just outside Enniscorthy is topped with a memorial to the Rising, and dotted with explanatory signs about the ba…
Cathedral in Enniscorthy

St Aidan's Cathedral

Restored to its original glory (check out the star-spangled roof), this dazzling Roman Catholic cathedral (1846) was designed by Augustus Pugin, the architect behind the Houses of Parliament in London.