Top Choice Church in Ennis

Ennis Friary

North of the Square this friary was founded by Donnchadh Cairbreach O'Brien, a king of Thomond, between 1240 and 1249. A mix of structures dating between the 13th and 19th centuries, the friary has a graceful five-s…
Museum in Ennis

Clare Museum

Sharing the same building as the tourist office is this diverting little museum. The Riches of Clare exhibition tells the story of Clare from 8000 years ago to the present day over two floors, using authentic artefa…
Monument in Ennis

Daniel O'Connell Monument

The town centre, the Square, features a Daniel O'Connell monument. His election to the British parliament by a huge majority in 1828 forced Britain to lift its bar on Catholic MPs and led to the Act of Catholic Eman…
Cathedral in Ennis

Ennis Cathedral

The cathedral dates to 1842 and contains an impressively decorated ceiling.
Monument in Ennis

Weathered Woman