Top Choice Market in Temple Bar

Temple Bar Food Market

From sushi to salsa, this is the city's best open-air food market; pick, prod and poke your way through the organic foods of the world with a compact stroll through gourmet lane. There are tastes of everywhere, from…
Top Choice Music in Temple Bar

Claddagh Records

An excellent collection of good-quality traditional and folk music is the mainstay at this centrally located record shop. The profoundly knowledgable staff should be able to locate even the most elusive recording fo…
Top Choice Books in Temple Bar

Gutter Bookshop

Taking its name from Oscar Wilde's famous line from Lady Windermere's Fan – 'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' – this fabulous place is flying the flag for the downtrodden independen…
Market in Temple Bar

Cow's Lane Designer Mart

A real market for hipsters, on the steps of Cow's Lane, this market brings together over 60 of the best clothing, accessory and craft stalls in town. It's open from June to September; the rest of the year it moves i…
Vintage in Temple Bar

Siopaella Design Exchange

A secondhand shop like no other in Dublin: you're as likely to find a vintage Chanel bag priced at €3000 as you are a beautiful preloved shirt for €5. You can exchange clothes for cash, or clothes for other clothes.…
Vintage in Temple Bar

Lucy's Lounge

Go through the upstairs boutique and you’ll find a staircase to an Aladdin’s basement of vintage goodies. You can easily while away an hour or two here before re-emerging triumphant with something unique to brighten…
Design in Temple Bar

Jam Art Factory

This quirky little shop is a good bet for souvenirs. Crammed full of Irish art and design, you can expect everything. Look for nostalgic gifts from Irish childhoods, hilarious comics or colourful renditions of the i…
Fashion & Accessories in Temple Bar

Flip, Sharpsville & Helter Skelter

Three shops in one all selling the same vintage male fashion moods of the 1950s, from Rebel Without a Cause–style leathers to Hawaiian shirts. Downstairs it's newer stuff; upstairs it's really good quality secondhan…
Music in Temple Bar

Claddagh Records

The sister shop of the long-established branch in the heart of Temple Bar, this newer store has a smaller but still excellent collection of traditional Irish and folk music.
Market in Temple Bar

Cow's Lane Designer Mart

A real market for hipsters, bringing together the best clothing, accessory and craft stalls in town; from June to September it moves just around the corner to Cow's Lane.