Market in Kilmainham & the Liberties

Dublin Food Co-op

From dog food to detergent, everything in this member-owned co-op is organic and/or ecofriendly. Thursday has a limited selection of local and imported fair-trade products, but Saturday is when it's all on display –…
Antiques in Kilmainham & the Liberties

O'Sullivan Antiques

Fine furniture and furnishings from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras are the speciality of this respected antiques shop (which also has a branch in New York). A rummage might also reveal some distinctive b…
Homewares in Kilmainham & the Liberties

Oxfam Home

They say charity begins at home, so get rummaging among the veneer cast-offs in this furniture branch of the charity chain where you might stumble across the odd 1960s Subbuteo table or art-deco dresser. Esoteric vi…
Antiques in Kilmainham & the Liberties

Martin Fennelly Antiques

One of the best-known antiques dealers on Francis St is Martin Fennelly, who specialises in household items ranging from candlesticks and tea caddies to jewellery boxes and French and English porcelain. He also has …
Antiques in Kilmainham & the Liberties

Fleury Antiques

This blue-fronted antiques shop does a steady connoisseur's trade in all manner of oil paintings (there's something for virtually every taste), vases, candelabras, silverware, porcelain and decorative pieces from th…
Books in Kilmainham & the Liberties

Irish Museum of Modern Art Gift Shop

Offers a comprehensive selection of coffee-table books on Irish contemporary art.