Top Choice Pub in Kilmainham & the Liberties

Old Royal Oak

Locals are fiercely protective of this gorgeous traditional pub, which opened in 1845 to serve the patrons and staff of the Royal Hospital (now the Irish Museum of Modern Art). The clientele has changed, but everyth…
Pub in Kilmainham & the Liberties


Given its location, Arthur’s could easily be a cheesy tourist trap, and plenty of Guinness Storehouse visitors do pass through the doors tempted by another taste of the black stuff. Instead it’s a friendly, cosy bar…
Pub in Kilmainham & the Liberties


A fabulously old-fashioned bar that has been serving a great pint of Guinness since the end of the 17th century. Prizefighter Dan Donnelly, the only boxer ever to be knighted, was head bartender here in 1818. A loca…
Bar in Kilmainham & the Liberties


A bright spot on a street that loses its vibrancy after dark, Lucky's comes with sleek wood and a nice selection of local craft beer. Coke Lane Pizza have also set up shop in the beer garden to cook fresh pies all n…
Bar in Kilmainham & the Liberties


A small and friendly bar just off the beaten path that is home to potent and inventive cocktails. The menu is pure comfort food; baked and roast potatoes in all varieties are designed to warm your belly.
Pub in Kilmainham & the Liberties

Brazen Head

Reputedly Dublin's oldest pub, the Brazen Head has been serving thirsty patrons since 1198 when it set up as a Norman tavern. It's a bit away from the city centre, and the clientele consists of foreign-language stud…