Dublin in detail

Where to Stay

Grafton Street & St Stephen's GreenClose to sights, nightlife and pretty much everything; a good choice of midrange and top-end hotels.Generally more expensive than elsewhere; not always good value for money and rooms tend to be smaller.
Merrion Square & Georgian DublinLovely neighbourhood, elegant hotels and townhouse accommodation.Not a lot of choice; virtually no budget accommodation. Also relatively quiet after dark.
Temple BarIn the heart of the action; close to everything, especially the party.Noisy and touristy; not especially good value for money; rooms are very small and often less than pristine.
Kilmainham & the LibertiesClose to the old city and the sights of west Dublin. An up-and-coming spot for great restaurants, too.If you want to hit the main city sights, you're facing a bit more of a walk in and out of town.
North of the LiffeyGood range of choices; within walking distance of sights and nightlife.Budget accommodation not always good quality; some locations not especially comfortable after dark.
DocklandsExcellent contemporary hotels with good service, including some top-end choices.Isolated in neighbourhood that doesn't have a lot of life after dark; reliant on taxis or public transport to get to city centre.
SouthsideMore bang for your buck; generally bigger rooms and properties with gardens.If not on the Luas line, bus transfers into town can take up valuable time.