Dingle Town in detail


Outdoor pursuits range from walking, cycling and horse riding through the peninsula's beautiful landscapes to surfing and boat trips to see Dingle Bay's resident dolphin, Fungie.

Fungie the Dolphin

In 1983 a bottlenose dolphin swam into Dingle Bay and local tourism hasn't been quite the same since. Showing an unusual affinity for human company, he swam around with the local fishing fleet. Eventually somebody got the idea of charging tourists to go out on boats to see the friendly dolphin (nicknamed Fungie). Today up to 12 boats at a time and more than 1000 tourists a day ply the waters with Dingle's mascot, now a cornerstone of the local economy (there's even a bronze statue of him outside the tourist office).

In the wild, bottlenose dolphins live for an average of 25 years, though they have been known to live to over 40 in captivity. As Fungie has been around for more than 35 years (yes, it's still the same dolphin, recognisable by his distinctive markings), speculation is rife about how long it will be before he finally glides into the deep for the last time. And what will Dingle do without its dolphin?