Dalkey attractions

Island in Dalkey

Dalkey Island

Dalkey Island's main sight is St Begnet's Holy Well, but it's also a popular spot for fishing, with shoals of pollock, mackerel and coalfish feeding in its waters. It's also a lovely spot to spend a couple of hours …
Museum in Dalkey

Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre

Spread across Goat Castle and St Begnet’s Church, this heritage centre has models, displays and exhibitions on Dalkey's history; a Living History tour in the format of a theatre performance; and a Writers' Gallery, …
Christian Site in Dalkey

St Begnet's Holy Well

A few hundred metres offshore is Dalkey Island, home to St Begnet’s Holy Well, the most important of Dalkey’s so-called holy wells. This one is reputed to cure rheumatism, making the island a popular destination for…
Ruins in Dalkey

Bullock Castle

These are the ruins of a castle built by the monks of St Mary's Abbey in Dublin around 1150.