Top Choice Historic Site in Cashel

Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is one of Ireland's most spectacular archaeological sites, a prominent green hill, banded with limestone outcrops, rising from a grassy plain and bristling with ancient fortifications. Sturdy wall…
Top Choice Historic Site in Cahir

Cahir Castle

Cahir's awesome castle enjoys a river-island site with moat, massive walls, turrets and keep, stalwart defences, mullioned windows, vast fireplaces and dungeons. Founded by Conor O'Brien in 1142, it's one of Ireland…
Museum in Cashel

Bolton Library

This forbidding 1836 stone building houses a splendid 18th-century collection of books, maps and manuscripts from the dawn of printing onwards, with works by writers from Chaucer to Swift.
Heritage Centre in Cashel

Brú Ború

The privately run heritage and cultural centre is next to the car park below the Rock of Cashel, and offers absorbing insights into Irish traditional music, dance and song. The centre's main attraction, the Sounds o…
Museum in Cashel

Cashel Folk Village

An engaging exhibition of old buildings, shopfronts and memorabilia from around the town. It's a bit slipshod in a heart-warming way.
Historic Site in Cashel

Hore Abbey

Just under 1km north of the Rock, the formidable ruin of 13th-century Hore Abbey (also known as Hoare Abbey or St Mary's) stands in flat farmland. Originally Benedictine and settled by monks from Glastonbury in Engl…
Historic Building in Cahir

Swiss Cottage

A gorgeous river-side path from behind the town car park meanders 2km south to Cahir Park and this thatched cottage, surrounded by roses, lavender and honeysuckle. A lavish example of Regency Picturesque, the cottag…
Cave in Mitchelstown Caves

Mitchelstown Caves

While the Galtee Mountains are mainly sandstone, a narrow band of limestone along their southern side has given rise to the Mitchelstown Caves. Superior to Kilkenny's Dunmore Cave and yet less developed for tourists…
Historic Building in Clonmel

Main Guard

At the junction of Mitchell and Sarsfield Sts is the beautifully restored Main Guard, a Butler courthouse dating from 1675 and based on a design by Christopher Wren. The columned porticos are once again open (after …
Museum in Clonmel

South Tipperary County Museum

Informative displays on the history of County Tipperary from Neolithic times to the present are covered at this well-put-together museum, which also hosts changing exhibitions.