County Mayo attractions

Top Choice Beach in Killala

Lackan Strand

Lackan Bay's beach is a stunning and vast expanse of golden sand – it's particularly beautiful as the sun goes down, making it one of Ireland's most gorgeous sights. There's good surf here and plenty of places to ge…
Top Choice Cathedral in Castlebar

Ballintubber Abbey

Established in 1216 next to the site of an earlier church founded by busy St Patrick after he came down from Croagh Patrick, this is the only church in Ireland founded by an Irish king that remains in use. Among the…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Ballycastle

Céide Fields

This otherwise barren site, 8km northwest of Ballycastle, is considered the world's most extensive Stone Age monument. Stone-walled fields, houses and megalithic tombs – about half a million tonnes of stone – have b…
Top Choice Religious Site in Killala

St Mary's Well

This transfixing place near Rosserk Abbey is an amazing place of pilgrimage, for both Christians and travellers of any persuasion, and is particularly beautiful when the wildflowers are out.The site is near the conf…
Top Choice Museum in Castlebar

National Museum of Country Life

This extensive, engrossing and highly good-looking museum by the Castlebar River delves into Ireland's fascinating rural traditions and skills. Photogenically overlooking a lake in the lush grounds of 19th-century T…
Top Choice Historic Building in Castlebar

Moore Hall

This astonishing and atmospheric ruin is located right by Lough Carra. The imposing but subdued wreck – with its empty windows and engulfed in ivy – was built in the 1790s and burned down in 1923, during the Civil W…
Top Choice Beach in Achill Island

Keem Bay Beach

One of Achill's most remote Blue Flag beaches, at the far west of the island, but after you spiral down to this perfect cove, it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of an Irish rainbow. Beautiful.
Top Choice Historic Building in Killala

Rosserk Abbey

Dipping its toes into the River Rosserk, this sublime Franciscan abbey dates from the mid-15th century. An eye-catching double piscina (perforated stone basin) is in the chancel: look for the exquisite carvings of a…
Top Choice Historic Site in Achill Island

Slievemore Deserted Village

The bleak remains of this deserted (though there are lots of sheep) village at the foot of Mt Slievemore is slowly being reduced down to rock piles, a poignant reminder of the island's past hardships and a vanished …
Natural Feature in Ballycastle

Dun Briste

This astonishing sea stack is possibly the top sight in the county, lashed by waves and the roaring, foaming seas. Legend attests that St Patrick drove all the vipers from Ireland onto the stack, leaving the mainlan…