Top Choice Fort in Kinsale

Charles Fort

One of Europe's best-preserved star-shaped artillery forts, this vast 17th-century fortification would be worth a visit for its spectacular views alone. But there's much more here: the 18th- and 19th-century ruins i…
Top Choice Gardens in Glengarriff

Ilnacullin (Garinish Island)

This horticultural miracle of an island was created in the early 20th century when the island's owner commissioned architect Harold Peto to design a garden on the then-barren outcrop. Topsoil was shipped in, landsca…
Top Choice Market in Cork City

English Market

It could just as easily be called the Victorian Market for its ornate vaulted ceilings and columns, but the English Market is a true gem, no matter what you name it. Scores of vendors sell some of the regions's very…
Top Choice Museum in Cobh

Cobh, The Queenstown Story

The howl of the storm almost knocks you off-balance, there's a bit of fake vomit on the deck, and the people in the pictures all look pretty miserable – that's just one room at Cobh Heritage Centre. Housed in the ol…
Castle in Around Cork City

Blarney Castle

If you need proof of the power of a good yarn, then join the queue to get into this 15th-century castle, one of Ireland's most popular tourist attractions. They're here, of course, to plant their lips on the Blarney…
Museum in Cork City

Cork Butter Museum

Cork has a long tradition of butter manufacturing – in the 1860s it was the world's largest butter market, exporting butter throughout the then–British Empire – and the trade's history is told through the displays a…
Museum in Cork City

Cork Public Museum

Located in a Georgian house with a modern extension, this museum recounts Cork’s history. The diverse collection of local artefacts tells the story from the Stone Age right up to local football legend Roy Keane.
Gallery in Cork City

St. Peter's Cork

Housed in an old church, this cultural centre and gallery space is dominated by a huge and intriguing model of the city and its surrounds. Changing exhibitions include local art, ceramics and fascinating historical …
Gallery in Cork City

Lewis Glucksman Gallery

This award-winning building is a startling construction of limestone, steel and timber. Two floors of galleries with suitably paint-spattered floors display the best in both national and international contemporary a…
Museum in Cork City

Radio Museum

The National Radio Museum is upstairs in the Cork City Gaol which, after its closure in 1923, housed a radio station from 1927 until the 1950s. The change of use is reflected in the museum where, alongside collectio…