Top Choice Church in Ennis

Ennis Friary

North of the Square this friary was founded by Donnchadh Cairbreach O'Brien, a king of Thomond, between 1240 and 1249. A mix of structures dating between the 13th and 19th centuries, the friary has a graceful five-s…
Top Choice Gardens in Kilrush

Vandeleur Walled Garden

This stunning 'lost' garden was the private domain of the wealthy Vandeleur family – merchants and landowners who engaged in harsh evictions and forced emigration of local people in the 19th century. The gardens lie…
Top Choice Perfumery in Carron & Around

Burren Perfumery & Floral Centre

The wildflowers of the Burren are the inspiration for the subtle scents at this excellent diversion. There's an audiovisual presentation on the flora of the Burren, which has a surprising diversity, including many f…
Top Choice Smokehouse in Lisdoonvarna

Burren Smokehouse

Learn about the ancient Irish art of oak-smoking salmon from a video at the Burren Smokehouse. Tasty smoked salmon and other fishies in myriad forms are offered for free tasting. Good coffee, tea and deli-type food …
Museum in Ennis

Clare Museum

Sharing the same building as the tourist office is this diverting little museum. The Riches of Clare exhibition tells the story of Clare from 8000 years ago to the present day over two floors, using authentic artefa…
Archaeological Site in Dysert O’Dea

Clare Archaeology Centre

The 15th-century O’Dea Castle houses the Clare Archaeology Centre.
Park in Dysert O’Dea

Dromore Wood

East of Dysert O’Dea, you can wander along a lovely river in Dromore Wood. This Dúchas nature reserve encompasses some 400 hectares as well as the ruins of the 17th-century O’Brien Castle, two ring forts and the sit…
Church in Quin

Quin Friary

This Franciscan friary was founded in 1433 using part of the walls of an older Clare castle built in 1280. Despite many periods of persecution, Franciscan monks lived here until the 19th century. The splendidly name…
Historic Site in Around Ennis

Knappogue Castle & Walled Garden

About 3km southeast of Quin is stately Knappogue Castle & Walled Garden, built in 1467 by the MacNamaras, who held sway over a large part of Clare from the 5th to mid-15th centuries and, like early fast-food fra…
Castle in Around Ennis


In woodland around 6km southeast of Quin, peaceful Craggaunowen includes recreated ancient Celtic farms, dwellings such as a crannóg (artificial island), a 5th-century ring fort, plus real artefacts including a 2000…