Cong attractions

Historic Site in Cong

Ashford Castle Estate

Just beyond Cong Abbey, the village abruptly ends and the woodlands surrounding Ashford Castle begin. First built in 1228 as the seat of the de Burgo family, owners over the years included the Guinness family (of st…
Historic Site in Cong

Cong Abbey

The evocatively weathered shell of Cong's 12th-century Augustinian abbey (Mainistir Chonga) is scored by a cross-hatch of lines from centuries of exposure to the elements. Nevertheless, several finely sculpted featu…
Cave in Cong

Pigeonhole Cave

This cave, in a pine forest about 1.5km south of Cong, can be reached via a signposted walking loop from the abbey. Steep, slippery stone steps lead down into the cave, where subterranean water flows in winter. Watc…
Architecture in Cong

Monk's Fishing House

This small and roofless 16th-century monk's fishing house juts out into the River Cong just south of the bridge, designed so monks could haul their catch straight up out of the water.
Cave in Cong

Captain Webb's Hole

Just west of the village is the water-filled Captain Webb's Hole. Two centuries ago, a local villain, nicknamed Captain Webb for the deformity of his hands and feet, is said to have lured a succession of 12 women he…
Museum in Cong

Quiet Man Museum

Modelled on Sean Thornton's White O' Morn' Cottage from The Quiet Man film, the museum offers a location tour – good for film fanatics and those with a postmodern fascination for the way reality bends to fiction.