Museum in Clonmany & Ballyliffin

Doagh Famine Village

Set in a reconstructed village of thatched cottages, this open-air museum is packed with fascinating titbits about the tragic Famine of the mid-19th century, and insightful comparisons with famine-stricken countries…
Beach in Clonmany & Ballyliffin

Tullagh Strand

Tullagh Strand, 2km northwest of Clonmany, is a little better for swimming than Pollan Strand, although it isn't recommended when the tide's going out.
Beach in Clonmany & Ballyliffin

Pollan Strand

This lovely stretch of beach makes for very pleasant walks on the sand; however, the atmospheric crashing breakers make it rather unsafe for swimming.
Castle in Clonmany & Ballyliffin

Carrickabraghey Castle

Sitting on Friar's Rock, this 16th-century tower is just north of long Pollan Strand and Ballyliffin Golf Club.