Aran Islands in detail


Aran Islands Scenery

Blasted by the wind and washed over by waves, the eroded, striated slivers of rock known as the Aran Islands hold a fascination for travellers. Their exposed landscapes are home to descendants of unimaginably hardy folk who forged their own culture of survival.

Aran Islands

Left to nature, the Arans would be bare rocks in the Atlantic. But generations of islanders have gathered and spread seaweed and sand by hand over the centuries, creating fertile fields.


On a summer weekend a thousand day trippers come to Inishmore to see one of Ireland’s most impressive ancient wonders. Dun Aengus has been guarding a bluff over the Atlantic for more than 3000 years.


Escape the crowds on Inishmaan, the least visited of the Arans. You’ll see few others on walks across the dramatic countryside, where every path seems to pass the mysterious remains of past lives and end on a beach trod only by you.


An old castle, ancient churches and a magical spring are just a few of the highlights of Inisheer, the smallest of the Arans. Centuries of history are preserved in rock.

The Plassy Wreck

Star of the opening sequence of the comedy TV classic Father Ted, the Plassy was driven ashore on Inisheer by storms in 1963. Its rusting hulk attracts walkers and is the perfect embodiment of the timeless force of the elements.