Achill Island attractions

Top Choice Beach in Achill Island

Keem Bay Beach

One of Achill's most remote Blue Flag beaches, at the far west of the island, but after you spiral down to this perfect cove, it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of an Irish rainbow. Beautiful.
Top Choice Historic Site in Achill Island

Slievemore Deserted Village

The bleak remains of this deserted (though there are lots of sheep) village at the foot of Mt Slievemore is slowly being reduced down to rock piles, a poignant reminder of the island's past hardships and a vanished …
Viewpoint in Achill Island

Keem Bay

The 8km drive west from Keel to what is literally the end of the road is spectacular, with sweeping views across the water as the road climbs the sheer rock face.
Castle in Achill Island

Grace O'Malley's Castle

Rising right next to the shore, this lovely 40ft-high 15th-century tower house at Kildavnet is associated with the pirate queen Grace O'Malley.
Historic Site in Achill Island


This village is where Don Allum, the first person to row across the Atlantic Ocean in both directions, landed in September 1982 in his 6m-long plywood boat, dubbed the QE3, after 77 days at sea. Opposite the monumen…
Village in Achill Island


Rising from a narrow isthmus, the hillside village of Mulranny overlooks a wide Blue Flag beach on the road from Newport to Achill Sound and on the cusp of the Curraun Peninsula. It's a prime vantage point for count…
Church in Achill Island

Kildownet Church and Cemetery

This church ruin probably dates to the 17th century, but an earlier church dating to the 16th century also existed here, perhaps built by Grace O'Malley who occupied the nearby castle tower.
Hill in Achill Island

Mt Croaghaun

A climb up Mt Croaghaun near Achill Head invites hikers to walk atop what locals claim are Europe's highest sea cliffs.
Hill in Achill Island

Mt Slievemore

Mt Slievemore (672m) can be climbed from behind deserted Slievemore Village for terrific views of Blacksod Bay.
Beach in Achill Island

Golden Strand Beach

As the name implies, a ribbon of golden heaven in the north of Achill Island.