Top Choice Iranian in Yazd

Talar Yazd

Elegant but uncomplicated, the Talar, with its prim white tablecloths and waiters wheeling trolleys, has a 1950s appeal. Its short menu of classic Iranian dishes, including slow-roast lamb, is delicious and the kaba…
Indian in Yazd

Silk Road Hotel Restaurant

While the Iranian food here is very good, the delicious subcontinental curries are the most popular dishes among travellers, particularly those who've run out of patience with kababs. The sociable courtyard atmosphe…
Iranian in Yazd

Malek-o Tojjar

The highly decorated main hall of this classic Iranian restaurant makes for a romantic setting for a special evening. The menu is complemented with several regional variations, including kufteh Yazdi (Yazdi meatball…
Restaurant in Yazd

Marco Polo Restaurant

Set like a crown atop the Orient Hotel, this popular glass-sided restaurant, with its grand views of the Masjed-e Jameh and surrounding blue-tiled domes, serves delicious Iranian food in a romantic venue.
Iranian in Yazd

Shah-e Mardan

Offering delicious 'tray food' of traditional mixed grills (kababs and vegetables), this restaurant is housed in the henna district of Yazd in a former henna mill.
Italian in Yazd


Caesar, in vogue with a fashionable crowd, is a world away from Yazd's old city. Decent attempts at classic Italian dishes are worthwhile; the Iranian dishes are also tasty. Try the delicious fresh lemonade, and the…