Bus Station in Astara


Buses for Tehran (IR3,000,000), Tabriz (IR250,000, six hours, 3pm), Rasht (IR120,000, 10am and 1pm) and Qazvin (IR240,000, 4pm) leave from this terminal, 4km from the Azerbaijani border.
Bus Station in Ardabil

Main Terminal

From the main terminal, Tehran buses (from IR350,00,000, 10 hours) leave hourly (7am to 11pm) via Astara (IR50,000, two hours), Rasht (IR175,000, five hours) and Qazvin (IR260,000, eight hours). Buses run to Tabriz …
Bus Station in Orumiyeh

Sero Terminal

From the Sero terminal, 3km northwest of Faqiyeh Sq, minibuses run to villages of the Gonbadchay Valley, strung along the loop road that leads up to the dam reservoir and beyond, turning north 6km before the border.…
Taxi in Paveh

Kurd Taxi Agency

Dar baste taxis to Marivan along an unsealed, dry-weather-only road via the incredibly scenic Howraman-at-Takht (IR2,600,000). Ensure your taxi doesn't take the sealed route via Nosud that goes close to the Iraqi Ku…
Bus Station in Tabriz

Main Bus Terminal

Most long-distance buses depart from the huge, modern main bus terminal, 3km south of the centre. Check the information desk inside the terminal building for your best departure options.
Bus Station in Hamadan

Terminal Qadim

Use Terminal Qadim for hourly minibuses to Tuyserkan, more frequent services to Malayer (and thence Nahavand or Borujerd and on to Khorramabad), and to Asadabad (for Kangavar).
Bus Station in Orumiyeh


All long-distance buses leave from the terminal. Hamsafar and Vangölu both operate 9am services to Van (Turkey; IR120,000, eight hours) – expect long border waits.
Taxi in Khorramabad

Andimeshk Terminal

Savaris (IR200,000, two hours) and minibuses (IR140,000, 3½ hours) to Andimeshk can be found in a small yard off Baharestan Blvd, 3km southwest of Shariati Park.
Bus Station in Takab


Daily buses to Tehran via Qazvin (10am) and Zanjan (4am), morning minibuses to Bijar (for Sanandaj) and Shahin Dezh (for Miyando'ab and points further north).
Bus Station in Zanjan

Takab Bus

The direct bus to Takab (IR120,000, 3½ hours) leaves at 10.30am daily from the small yard on Behesti St near the corner of Ferdosi St and goes via Qam Cheqay.