Gifts & Souvenirs in Rasht


Sells plenty of canework and the odd briar pipe.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Rasht


Souvenirs ranging from Gilaki wooden spoons to amusing wicker frogs are sold here.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Rasht


If you’re looking for more upmarket inlay boxes Nafis, 2km north of Shohoda Sq, is the place to go.
Books in Rasht

Ta’ati Bookshop

Sells brilliant city maps (US$1).
in Hamadan

Pottery Shops

pottery shops sell colourful, locally famous pottery from Lalejin.
in Hamadan

Union of Carpet Co-operatives

Hamadan region is famous for its leatherwork, wooden inlay, ceramics and carpets. Try contacting the Union of Carpet Co-operatives.
in Orumiyeh


Small bookshop stocking excellent city maps (IR7000).
in Orumiyeh

Noghl Torabi

Sells fabulous carrot-and-walnut halva and noghl.
in Orumiyeh

Pasargad Antiques

This shop is the most intriguing of the curio shops along Imam Ave.
in Qazvin

Nakhajir Camping Shop

Sells great-value camping gear including head torches (from US$6), sprung hiking sticks (US$9) and 1:300,000 Farsi maps of the Alborz (US$1).