Tomb in Tus

Ferdosi Mausoleum

Domestic tourists flock from miles around to see the mausoleum of Abulqasim Ferdosi (c 940–1020), the great 11th-century poet credited with preserving Persian as a literary form during the era of Arab control. Set i…
Mausoleum in Tus


Experts still debate the purpose of this massive, brick-domed 14th-century building, which looks especially impressive when floodlit at dusk. The most popular theory is that it was the mausoleum of Sufi philosopher …
Landmark in Tus

Razan Gate

In the rear section of the Ferdosi Mausoleum park, the small chunks of surviving mud-wall around the former Razan Gate shows how incredibly massive the city’s original ramparts must have been.