Must see attractions in Persian Gulf

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    This fishing village on the northern coast of Qeshm Island is the best place in Iran to encounter the fast-disappearing traditional culture of the Persian…

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    This splendid archaeological site comprises the remains of a large house with private qanat (underground water channel), a public hammam and a…

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    Rainbow Valley

    Rainbow Valley is a geologist’s dream and an inspiration for artists and nature enthusiasts. Imagine a narrow valley with multi-hued earth and sand and…

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    Fish Market

    Bandar Abbas has a vibrant fishing industry, and the lively fish market just off the seafront is a sight to behold. Early morning is the best time to come…

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    Chahkooh Canyon

    In the island's northwest lies this sinuous canyon seemingly carved into the earth by a master builder. The exposed rock and lack of plant life are quite…

  • H
    Hengam Island

    This lovely island off the southern coast of Qeshm is surrounded by impressive soft-coral reefs that offer great diving. Hengam is also known for its…

  • V
    Valley of the Statues

    This stunningly beautiful natural site is called 'Valley of the Statues' because here tall rocks have been sculpted into strange shapes by the elements…

  • V
    Valley of Stars

    One of the most spectacular natural sites on Qeshm Island, the Valley of Stars features a series of majestic gorges and canyons that were formed over…

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    Ghal’e-ye Portoghaliha

    Some 750m north of the harbour is the famous Portuguese sea fort, probably the most impressive and ambitious colonial fortress built in Iran. Centuries of…

  • Q
    Qeshm Town

    Qeshm’s main settlement, Qeshm Town lies on the far-eastern tip of the island. Many Iranians come here to shop in one of the numerous duty-free malls…

  • H
    Harra Sea Forest

    In the local dialect, harra is the word for grey mangrove, and this protected area is the Persian Gulf’s largest mangrove forest – a definite must-see for…

  • S

    This picturesque village enjoys a long beach where hawksbill and green turtles lay their eggs between April and July. Residents of Shibderaz work in…

  • K

    This site located next to the tennis stadium is well worth a visit. It features a subterranean network of stone passageways built around a historic qanat…

  • N
    Naz Islands Beach

    This 3km-long golden strand caressed by clear, shallow and mostly calm waters is easily the most popular beach on Qeshm Island. In high season it's full…

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    Salt Cascades

    One of Hormoz Island's star attractions, these multicoloured geological formations that consist of cliffs and towers of petrified salt combined with…

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    Snowy Mountains

    It's hard not to be enthralled by the eerie lunar landscape in Hormoz Island's southwest, where a series of hills is covered with endless fields of salt…

  • B

    The lively bazaar rambles its way across two blocks just back from the seafront, and is probably the most colourful part of town.

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    Ghal’e-ye Portoghaliha

    This crumbling edifice is Qeshm Town’s best-known sight. It was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

  • M
    Mofanegh Beach

    This scalloped sandy bay south of the island is blessed with a gorgeous stretch of golden sand.