Tochal Telecabin

Top choice cable car

in Tehran

Taking 45 minutes to run 7.5km up to within a short hike of the summit of Mt Tochal (3933m), the Tochal Telecabin provides a spectacular ride at any time of year. You don't have to go all the way (and you'll need to change gondolas at Station 5 anyway), but there's a ski resort up top where you’ll find snow between six and eight months of the year. The mountain is also a highly popular hiking destination in the warmer months.

The telecabin is super busy on Thursday, Friday and public holidays when Tehranis flock here as much for the socialising as the skiing or hiking; on such days waits of an hour or more in line are not uncommon. On other days, however, it’s virtually empty. Note the telecabin doesn’t run in windy weather; it’s worth calling ahead to check.

To get here, ask for a shuttle taxi to Tochal Telecabin from the north side of Tajrish Sq. From the entrance you can walk (10 minutes) or catch a bus (IR10,000) to the telecabin itself. On the way you'll pass several cafes, a single zip line operation and the Alpine Coaster, a bob-sleigh-style ride on metal tracks. Beside the telecabin there's also a chairlift (IR100,000 return) running to Cheshmeh, a popular hiking location not as far up the mountains.

The telecabin stops twice en route to the top Station 7 at 3740m – first at Station 2 (2400m), then Station 5 (2935m), where there's a cafe.