Immigration in Tehran

Foreign Intelligence Office

Where you'll need to go if you wish to extend your tourist visa while in Tehran. Go through the gate and get your forms from the building on the left, and make photocopies if necessary. Pay the fee at the Bank...

Travel Agency in Tehran

Sarvineh Parvaz

In business since 1973, this full-service travel agency is a handy place to sort out travel plans in northern Tehran. It also organises ski tours and packages with full details under

Embassy in Tehran

Tajikistan Embassy

North of Niyavaran Palace; issues tourist visas for one/two/four weeks for US$30/40/50. Takes a week; bring a letter of introduction from your embassy.

Travel Agency in Tehran


Can handle bookings for flights, buses and trains. Staff speak some English and it's handy to budget accommodation.

Embassy in Tehran

Iraqi Embassy

Whether they give visas or not will depend very much on the current situation on the ground in Iraq.