Iranian in Tabriz

Emarat Restaurant

Carpeted booths in a wide, airy space, English menus and a plaster waterfall complete with monkeys and goats complement the excellent traditional Iranian food here. Service is friendly; the English-speaking manager …
Iranian in Tabriz

Tabriz Modern Restaurant

Go the excellent fried trout (IR270,000) at this friendly, rather ornate basement dining hall. Prices include ‘full service’: salad bar, mast (yogurt), soft drink and delicious barley-and-barberry soup. And, of cour…
Iranian in Tabriz

Talar Bozorg Elgoli

Within Elgoli’s mock Qajar palace, this busy, unpretentious family restaurant serves Tabrizi köfte, a local home-cooking speciality that's like a giant Scotch egg. Order ahead in winter. Weekends are crowded.
Sweets in Tabriz

Rahnama Dairy

This simple dairy-cafe at the main bazaar entrance serves unbeatable breakfasts of must-asal (yogurt and honey) and khame-asal (cream and honeycomb).
Seafood in Tabriz


It was once Tabriz' premier fish restaurant, but Baliq's standards no longer quite match its prices (which in turn don't quite match its bills). It's still a fun place to eat, with a kooky, Tahitian-beach-hut-meets-…
Iranian in Tabriz

Revolving Restaurant

A plexiglas elevator fires you through the Elgoli hotel atrium as though you're at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, for predictably great views. The basic charge of IR250,000 entitles you to raid the soup-and-salad …
Azerbaijani in Tabriz


In Daneshgah, east of the centre near the uni entrance, this is a tale of two restaurants. The scary day-glo fast-food section is popular with students, so head right for the calmer restaurant area, notable for Azer…
Fast Food in Tabriz

Haji Mahid

Don't bother looking for a menu – there isn't one; just say chelo murgh or point at anybody else's plate, as the only dish here is chicken and rice. It's upstairs and the window seats have a good view of the pedestr…
Breakfast in Tabriz

KhoshZaban Kalleh Pacheh

Locals rate the kalleh pache ('head and hoof' soup) here as the best in Tabriz. The soup is a traditional winter heart-starter and is made by boiling up an entire sheep's head (brain intact) and hooves. You've been …
Fast Food in Tabriz

Pizza Fanoos

Out in Valiasr, this typically small, fast-food standby has attractive framed glass art and a window upstairs with a good view.