Top Choice Bazaar in Tabriz

Tabriz Bazaar

The magnificent, labyrinthine covered bazaar covers some 7 sq km with 24 separate caravanserais and 22 impressive timchehs (domed halls). Construction began over a millennium ago, though much of the fine brick vault…
Church in Tabriz

Anglican Church

Behind high gates, the curious Anglican Church has a tower of four diminishing cylinders.
Museum in Tabriz

Azarbayjan Museum

This museum is 50m west of the Blue Mosque. Enter through a great brick portal with big wooden doors guarded by two stone rams. Ground-floor exhibits include finds from Hasanlu (an Iron Age town that developed into …
Mosques in Tabriz

Kabud (Blue) Mosque

When it was constructed in 1465, the Mosque was among the most glorious buildings of its era. Once built, artists took a further 25 years to cover every surface with the blue majolica tiles and intricate calligraph…
in Tabriz

Constitution House

This charming Qajar-era courtyard house is historically significant as a headquarters during the 1906–11 constitutional revolution, but although many labels are in English the numerous photos and documents ar…
Museum in Tabriz

Museum of Measurement

The measurement museum is hidden amid very ordinary apartment blocks. The brilliantly restored 160-year-old Qajar mansion is more interesting than its display of rococo German clocks and commercial scales.
Historic Building in Tabriz

Municipal Hall

The German-designed Municipal Hall is a century-old Tabriz icon. It’s only open to the public during occasional exhibitions.
Historic Building in Tabriz

Nobar Hamam

The 19th-century bathhouse, Nobar Hamam, is usually locked but worth double-checking.
Mausoleum in Tabriz

Poets’ Mausoleum

Poet Ostad Shahriyar is ostentatiously commemorated with the strikingly modernist Poets’ Mausoleum. Its angular interlocking concrete arches are best viewed across the reflecting pool from the south. The complex als…
Museum in Tabriz

Qajar Museum

The elegant Qajar Museum is within the palatial 1881 Amir Nezam House, Tabriz’s most impressive Qajar mansion with a split-level façade. It’s oddly hidden between a school and a children’s hospital.