Top Choice Bazaar in Tabriz

Tabriz Bazaar

The magnificent, labyrinthine, Unesco-listed Tabriz bazaar covers some 7 sq km, with 24 caravanserais (sets of rooms arrranged around a courtyard) and 22 impressive timches (domed halls). Construction began over a m…
Mosque in Tabriz

Blue Mosque

When constructed for ruler Jahan Shah in 1465, the Blue Mosque with its intricate turquoise mosaics was one of the most famous buildings of its era. Unfortunately, it was badly damaged in an earthquake in 1773, leav…
Museum in Tabriz

Azarbaijan Museum

This museum's entrance is a great brick portal with big wooden doors guarded by two stone rams. Ground-floor exhibits include finds from Hasanlu (an Iron Age town that developed into a citadel over 4000 years), a su…
Historic Building in Tabriz

Arg-e Tabriz

This huge brick edifice off Imam Khomeini St is a chunky remnant of Tabriz’ early-14th-century citadel (known as ‘the Ark’). Criminals were once executed by being hurled from the top of the citadel walls. The Russia…
Mausoleum in Tabriz

Poets’ Mausoleum

Poet Ostad Shahriyar is ostentatiously commemorated by the strikingly modernist Poets’ Mausoleum. Its angular, interlocking concrete arches are best viewed across the reflecting pool from the south. The complex also…
Park in Tabriz

Elgoli Park

Elgoli Park, 8km southeast of the centre, is popular with summer strollers and courting couples. Its fairground surrounds an artificial lake, in the middle of which a photogenic restaurant-pavilion occupies the reco…
Museum in Tabriz

Shahriyar House Museum

Enter a time warp to late-'70s Tabriz in the preserved house of much-loved poet Ostad Shahriyar (1906–88). Surrounded by his everyday belongings, you almost expect the late poet to wander out of the bedroom. He is b…
Historic Building in Tabriz

Architecture Faculty, Islamic Arts University

A trio of impressive 230-year-old mansions with two-storey colonnades, inner courtyards and decorative ponds makes up the Architecture Faculty of the Islamic Arts University. You might be lucky enough to find someon…
Mosque in Tabriz

Imam Khomeini Mosalla

This stadium-sized mosalla (prayer hall) has been under construction forever and the sporadic works have been blamed for undermining the foundations of the neighbouring historic Arg-e Tabriz.
Historic Building in Tabriz

Municipal Hall

The iconic 1930s German-designed Municipal Hall, still the bastion of city power, dominates Sa'at Sq. There's a museum in the basement with various city-related collections, such as old maps, photos, carpets and eve…