Top ChoiceTeahouse in Mahan

Shah Nematollah Sofrekhane

Hidden within the Aramgah complex, this brick-domed teahouse offers spiritual music and a short menu of well-made Iranian favourites, including a minty kashke bademjan (mashed eggplant with whey; IR70,000). Enter...

Teahouse in Rayen


West of Imam St at the Imamzadeh Shirekhoda roundabout, Qarbi St rises past a series of older, mud-domed homes. Many are derelict, but near the top (250m) one of these timeless structures is now used as a tea...

Teahouse in Kerman

Sonati Kohan

At the rear of a preserved semi-historic building, this tea garden throws together an intriguing, stylistic mishmash of palm-frond shelters, old niche-style rooms and plastic-tarp shelters to house smokers, who...

Coffee in Kerman

Paeiz Cafe

Great caffeine fixes provided by baristas whose beards are more Hackney hipster than Mashhad mullah. Tables are old cable spools, a bicycle hangs from the wall and female customers seem unusually relaxed, wearing...

Coffee in Birjand

Caffe Chi

Excellent coffee from a Wega machine in a mood-lit, female-friendly cafe displaying pipes, coffee paraphernalia and B&W photos of film stars.

Coffee in Qa'en

Coffeeshop Fenjoon

Qa'en's most internationally styled cafe serves decent cakes and inexpensive yet remarkably good coffee (IR20,000 to IR50,000). It's opposite the park (Bagh Melli).