Historic Building in Kerman

Gonbad-e Jabaliye

At the edge of town is Gonbad-e Jabaliye, an octagonal and very old structure of unknown provenance. Some scholars date it to the 2nd century AD and think it may have been an observatory. Others say it was a tomb. W…
in Kerman

Hamam-e Ganj Ali Khan

Built in the Safavid period, this courtyard is home to what was once Kerman’s most important hammam, the Hamam-e Ganj Ali Khan, now restored and transformed into a museum. Wonderful frescoes adorn the walls a…
Historic Building in Kerman

Kerman National Library

The Kerman National Library modestly bills itself as the ‘greatest informatic research centre in the country’, but for non-Farsi speakers it’s the architecture – a forest of columns supporting vaulted ceilings – tha…
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Masjed-e Ganj Ali Khan

At the square’s northeastern end is Masjed-e Ganj Ali Khan, Ganj Ali Khan’s lavishly decorated private mosque.
Mausoleum in Kerman

Moshtari-ye Moshtaq Ali Shah

The attractive Moshtari-ye Moshtaq Ali Shah is the mausoleum for Sufi mystic Moshtaq Ali Shah, and other Kerman notables. Moshtaq Ali Shah was renowned for his singing and is apparently responsible for adding the fo…
Museum in Kerman

Museum Of The Holy Defence

The Museum of the Holy Defence remembers the eight-year Iran-Iraq War. Symbolism abounds, although much of it won’t be obvious without an English-speaking guide. Inside is a gallery of gruesome photos, weapons, lett…
Museum in Kerman

Sanati Museum Of Contemporary Art

Occupying a former orphanage, this art museum is a pleasant surprise in a town that can otherwise feel a long way from modern cultural pursuits. In a Qajar-era building set around an attractive courtyard, the museum…
Mausoleum in Mahan

Aramgah-e Shah Ne’matollah Vali

The splendid dome over the Aramgah-e Shah Ne’matollah Vali is one of the most recognisable images of eastern Iran. Shah Ne’matollah Vali was a well-known Sufi dervish, mystic and poet who died in 1431 aged more than…
Gardens in Mahan

Bagh-e Shahzde

Arriving at the handsome Bagh-e Shahzde is like being beamed onto a different planet. One second you’re in the arid semidesert, the next it’s all flowing qanat water and tall green trees. Built in 1873, the garden c…
in Rayen

Arg-e Rayen

The demise of Bam has been the rebirth of the Arg-e Rayen, an ancient adobe ‘citadel’ in Rayen, a small town sitting in the lee of Mt Hezar (4420m) 111km from Kerman. On a hill overlooking the town, th…