Top things to do

Mausoleum in Soltaniyeh

Oljeitu Mausoleum

Dominating the skyline, Iran's magnificent 'Taj Mahal' rises dramatically 48m above the surrounding dusty archaeological digs and crumbling city walls. The eight-towered octagonal building, built for a Mongol...

Historic Site in Soltaniyeh

Dashkasan Temple

Near the village of Vier (Viyar) lies this curious collection of 'stone quarry' inscriptions, the most renowned being those of two 3.5m facing dragons. Scholars debate the inscriptions' origins: some suggest that...

Islamic Tomb in Soltaniyeh

Mullah Hasan Kashi Tomb

Set amid semi-desert 1.5km due south of Oljeitu Mausoleum, this bright-turquoise-topped, lonely tomb was built by Safavid Shah Tahmasp to honour Hasan Kashi, a 14th-century mystic whose recasting of Islam’s...

Shrine in Soltaniyeh

Chalapi Oghli Mausoleum

This unadorned Ilkhanid Mongol–period brick shrine to Sufi mystic Sheikh Boraq is surrounded by the courtyard of a khanqah (dervish monastery).