Top ChoiceRuins in Shushtar

Choqa Zanbil Ziggurat

Choqa Zanbil’s magnificent, Unesco-listed brick ziggurat is the world's best surviving example of Elamite architecture. Even if you’re not a fan of ancient ruins, the great bulk and splendid semi-desert isolation...

Top ChoiceHistoric Site in Shushtar

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

Listed by Unesco as a 'masterpiece of creative genius', the Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System has been diverting water for irrigation from the Karun River for over a millennium. The system comprises bridges,...

Bridge in Shushtar

Pol-e Shadorvan

Running parallel to the modern Azadegan Bridge connecting historic Shushtar to the New Town are the substantial remains of this Sassanid-era bridge and weir. Thought to have been designed and built by captured...

Ruins in Shushtar

Qal’eh Salosel

Set on a prominent cliff overlooking the river, historic Salosel Castle is no longer much to look at above ground. However, the caretaker will gladly show you the impressive Sassanian-era subterranean rooms and...

Islamic Shrine in Shushtar

Imamzadeh Abdullah

On the southern edge of town, this shrine is topped by a photogenic Khuzestani ourchin dome similar to that of Daniel’s tomb in Shush, though this one deploys the rarer star base. A gory local tale records a...

Bridge in Shushtar

Band-e Mizan

This low, flat Sassanid bridge is actually a weir that marks the entrance to the Al Gargar canal feeding the Shushtar hydraulic system. There are pleasant views of two shrines on the east bank of the main Karun...

Islamic Shrine in Shushtar

Sahib-al Zaman Shrine

About 2km east of the canal, the brilliant Sahib-al Zaman shrine is graced by blue mosaics. Devotees are said to have made sightings of the Mahdi (last imam) here, hence the ‘empty seat’ shrine box.

Bridge in Shushtar

Band-e Lashkar

This small but impressive 13-arched Sassanid bridge once served as Shushtar's entrance gate.

Tower in Shushtar

Kolah Farangi Tower

This crumbling 7.5m octagonal tower at the river's edge was most likely a Sassanid navigational aid, though local lore has Shahpur’s slave driver watching the king's Roman prisoners from here as they worked on...

Historic Building in Shushtar

Marashi House

In a back alley on a hill, this beautifully restored Qajar house has impressive views of Shushtar's ancient hydraulic system.

Mosque in Shushtar

Masjid-e Jameh

Situated halfway between the bazaar and the bus terminal, the partly 9th-century Jameh Mosque has a blunt, gently leaning brick-and-tile minaret.