Iran shopping

Top Choice Market in Tehran

Jomeh Bazaar

All levels of this car park are transformed every Friday morning when traders from across Iran and Central Asia and members of the general public lay out their stalls to sell whatever they can. It’s a lively, social…
Top Choice Art in Boshrooyeh

Salari Studio

In an underlit, one-room cavern, beret-sporting artist Mehdi Salari creates beautiful calligraphic paintings that are sold mainly to exclusive Tehran dealers. Even if you can't afford the US$500-plus for one of his …
Top Choice Market in Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar

When it comes to classic Iranian shopping experiences, browsing the food stalls at this photogenic bazaar in upmarket Tajrish pretty much nails it. It's ideal for ingredients for Iranian cooking, including all kinds…
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Tehran

Iran Termeh

Head upstairs from the ground floor stall on the main artery of the bazaar to discover women creating gorgeous table runners and other decorative fabric pieces from termeh, local handwoven cloth in dazzling floral p…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Tehran


Nailing a trendy Iranian fashion look with attractive shirts, gilets and jackets in cotton, linen and soft wool, Bottejeghe also sells a rainbow selection of scarves and an attractive selection of cushion covers and…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Tehran


Organic cotton and other fabrics are used for clothes at this rustically stylish Iranian fashion store serving both men and women. It does good shirts, trousers and jackets, as well as colourful head scarves and fab…
Arts & Crafts in Esfahan

Hossein Fallahi

In this studio it's possible to watch the master at work, peering through a magnifying glass as he applies tiny brushstrokes of paint, applied with a cat's hair and pigeon feather, to a miniature painting or a box m…
Food in Yazd

Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar

The best and most famous of Yazd famous sweets can be found in this centenarian-old store. Customers survey the samples, write down what they want on the form provided, take it to the counter for boxing, pay at the …
Arts & Crafts in Shiraz

Shamshirgarha Bazaar

For foreign visitors, one of the most interesting parts of the covered alleyways of Bazar-e Vakil is coming across the Shamshirgarha Bazaar. Housed under a long arcade off the bazaar's main thoroughfare, it is dedic…
Market in Yazd

Khan Bazaar

The alleyways of this covered bazaar extend back to the 9th century and make for a diverting hour or so's meander. Many stores sell various grades of cloth that have been handwoven in Yazd for centuries.